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Screech owls are spunky, tough little guys. Isn’t this cute?

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 5:13 am in Owls, Screech owls.

Screech owl nest box (Craig Jensen/ Walnut Creek, CA)
screech, craig jensen, wc

During the 5 years I have had my owl boxes up, they have continuously been occupied by screech owls except for a 3 month span in one of the boxes when a tree squirrel took residence. The squirrel was eventually chased out by an owl.

These creatures are a constant source of delight and have helped to reduce my gopher population. Enjoy!
Craig Jensen, Walnut Creek, CA

The 6-inch tall screech owls are one of my favorite birds of prey … tiny but very spunky! /Gary

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One Response to “Screech owls are spunky, tough little guys. Isn’t this cute?”

  1. Janet Fairchild Says:

    Gary –

    Is this the same kind of owl shown on Channel 2 news last night (10 PM?) nesting in Claremont Canyon and swooping at dogs? The TV photos made it look a bit like an owl’s head on a cat’s body: a dog’s worst fear, w/o a doubt!

    Janet F

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