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Photo: River otters swam down Sacramento River to Richmond Marina

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 at 8:00 am in River otters.

River otters in Richmond Marina. Photo by Scott Campbell, Fairfield, CA.
from ellen saski richmond

I wrote you last week about the river otters at the  Richmond, California, Marina.  Here is a photo taken by Scott Campbell of Fairfield.  It was very exciting!
Ellen Sasaki, Richmond, CA

As I said in my column last week, these river otters swam down the Sacramento River from the Delta and into San Francisco Bay, and along the shoreline to Richmond. Otters have an enormous curiosity and are always exploring new areas. As long as they have a creek , river, or bay to swim in, nothing’s going to stop them. Thanks for the cute photo! /Gary

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3 Responses to “Photo: River otters swam down Sacramento River to Richmond Marina”

  1. Scott Campbell Says:

    That was a cool day. I was walking along the pier after work and saw 2 people standing at the edge of the bay staring at a rock about 4 feet from shore. As I got closer, I saw 8 little eyes staring back at me from the rock. They payed no attention to the 3 of us watching them and were just having fun, crawling all over each other and playing around.

  2. Erin Says:

    I’m working on a fact sheet about the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary. Could you let me know if you would allow the use of this photo?

  3. Katherine Says:

    On Sunday morning, 22 Nov 2009, around 8:45 am, I had just turned onto Whitecliff Way from Rudgear (Walnut Creek) and there was a river otter loping across the road. I know what a river otter looks like, but nobody would believe me. It’s nice to know that there really are river otters in the area (although that’s still a very strange area for them!).

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