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Martinez asks residents to officially name ‘Beaver Park’

By Gary Bogue
Monday, August 23rd, 2010 at 8:03 am in Beavers, Martinez Beavers.

Martinez beaver by Cheryl Reynolds, Walnut Creek, CA
beaver by cheryl

I am writing because you’ve expressed support for the Martinez Beavers in the past. The City of Martinez  is looking for suggestions to name the park next to the beaver dam and the strip along the creek where they live.

With 2000 people visiting the park for the beaver festival over the last three years, and nightly visits from curious on-lookers, “Beaver Park” seems a natural choice to me. The sad event of mom beaver’s death would be an excellent opportunity to remember her important role in the visibility of this town in choosing a name.

Whatever final name is selected, we think it’s important that the voices of beaver supporters are heard, and I wanted to encourage you to make your own nomination by e-mailing your park name suggestion to

Young Martinez beaver by Cheryl Reynolds, Walnut Creek, CA
2010 mtz baby, cheryl reynolds

Below is the link to the Martinez Gazette article and my recent post about the issue.

Martinez Gazette:

Beaver Web site:

All three kits are doing well, and the two year old is seen nightly caring for them. The night this photo (see above) was taken, the beavers were visited and sketched by author-artist-naturalist John Muir Laws. His illustrations will appear in the October issue of Bay Nature. Make sure you check it out!
Heidi Perryman, president & founder, Worth A Dam

I think “Beaver Park” would be a perfect name!

Anyone else who wants to pick a name, please e-mail your name idea to Thanks! /Gary

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4 Responses to “Martinez asks residents to officially name ‘Beaver Park’”

  1. Heidi Perryman Says:

    Thanks Gary! Your support for wildlife and people’s compassion for wildlife is always appreciated. Both photos are from Cheryl, sorry I didn’t add that!

  2. FROgard Butler Says:

    Dear Gary, I have read your column often and have learned so much about the creatures in my own back yard. Having been a preschool director for 30 years – I have had much pleasure in teaching children to appreciate and have respect for the animals we share our world with. Thank you for educating us and answering so many of our every day questions. Now it has become an everyday event to go to the creek and enjoy the Beaver Family. They can teach us humans so much about how to get along, take care of each other, build, feed each other, groom each other, and respect each other’s space. How blessed we are to be able to learn from God’s creatures great and small. Of course it has to be BEAVER PARK; it already is.

  3. Gail Sredanovic Says:

    For what it is worth I suggest

    Baby Beaver Park

    It is cute and helps get away from the snicker, snicker effect of mentioning beavers.


  4. Robert H. Laws Says:

    You might consider some variation of “Beaver Lodge,” E.g., “Beaver Lodge Park,” “Martinez Beaver Lodge Park”, etc. As you know, “lodge” is the term for beaver dwellings. I look forward to visiting. Best, rl

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