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Red foxes, Bogey & Birdie, Monarch Bay Golf Course, San Leandro

By Gary Bogue
Friday, September 3rd, 2010 at 6:06 am in Foxes, Red foxes.

Red foxes photo by Geralyne Gong, San Leandro, member of Tony Lema Women’s Golf Club,  San Leandro, CA.
lynette mladinich, san leandro

Perhaps you will consider the attached photo for your Pet of the Week.  No, they are not pets!  This is “Bogey” and “Birdie” who reside at the Monarch Bay Golf Course in San Leandro, CA.  Members of the Tony Lema 18 Hole Golf Club often see these cute little foxes on the course and one of our members got the perfect shot. Enjoy!
Lynette Mladinich,Tony Lema Women’s Golf Club

I think these beautiful young red foxes are better displayed here in my blog, in living color, rather than in black and white with my column. I remember another pair of young red foxes at a Walnut Creek golf course a few years ago that used to hang around the 9th hole and steal golf balls. Better keep an eye on your balls! FORE! /Gary

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  1. soij Says:

    Those foxes (well, one of them at least) will cruise right by you to show off their rodent if they just had a successful hunt.

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