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Tarantulas: pictures of young and an adult tarantulas

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 at 6:58 am in Spiders, Tarantulas.

Baby tarantula photo by Connie Muir, Castro Valley, CA
baby tarantula, connie muir, c vly

I took this pic in Castro Valley — unfortunately in my laundry room.  Many people who have seen the above picture argue that this is not a tarantula.  I have been told it is a wolf spider.  I know that the male tarantula comes out in the Fall looking for a mate.  I took this picture about two years ago around October.  Please settle this dispute once and for all.  I would like to think it is a Tarantula.
Connie Muir, Castro Valley, Calif.

Your thinking is correct. The above photo is a young tarantula. The picture below is an adult tarantula. These are beautiful, gentle (unless you are a tasty insect) spiders. /Gary

Adult tarantula photo by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA

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2 Responses to “Tarantulas: pictures of young and an adult tarantulas”

  1. Jared Says:

    I live in the back wood CV area and have quite the animal stories..As far as spiders,we have Wolf spiders that have markings and get bigger than those Tarantulas in this pics.Also these guys(Tarantulas)visit our porch every night some times of the year(I don’t like spiders).

  2. Angela Says:

    Hi, to my great surprise to find a young taratula by the enclosured pool area at my house. What can I do with it?

    I live in Port Richey, Florida

    Please tell me what I have to do…

    Thanking you


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