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Cooper’s hawk having a mourning dove for breakfast

By Gary Bogue
Monday, September 13th, 2010 at 6:07 am in Cooper's hawk, Mourning dove.

Cooper’s hawk and dove feathers. Photo by Robin van der Bijl, Clayton, CA
coop, robin van der bijl, clayton

Hi Gary:
I opened the bedroom shade one morning and saw feathers swirling all over the place. As they began to settle, I saw the cause.
Robin van der Bijl, Clayton, California

Hi Robin:
Ah, yes, a Cooper’s hawk “inviting” a mourning dove out to breakfast. That’s a pretty wild backyard you have. /Gary

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One Response to “Cooper’s hawk having a mourning dove for breakfast”

  1. Nancy Schick Says:

    One morning last week I saw a Cooper’s Hawk kill a small bird–a Brewer’s Black bird I think in my garden. I heard the last loud chirps as the Hawk flew into the grape arbor and caught it, killed it and flew off with it.I have also noticed piles of feathers in the garden where the doves like to sit.I know Hawks have to eat too but I felt helpless watching the poor little bird cry out and not be able to help.

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