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Some spiders eat their old webs and spin them in a new spot

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 7:12 am in Spider web, Spiders.

Orb weaver garden spider and web by Kathy Zach, Walnut Creek, CA
web, kathy zach, wc

I happened to notice this large, tan, sort of furry spider hanging out in the center of his beautiful orb web yesterday.  So I snapped his photo which I am sending for you to see.  What is amazing is that when I woke up this morning to see him, there was nothing there.  Not one strand of web left behind.  Do spiders eat their webs when they move to a new place? I am glad I took this photo so I know I am not having a senior moment.
Kathy Zach, Walnut Creek, California

Some orb weaver garden spiders eat their webs. Spider web silk is made from protein. By eating the old webs, spiders can recycle the silk/protein and use it to make new webs. So in a sense, they can pick up (eat) their old webs and move (re-spin) them. Clever creatures, aren’t they? /Gary

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2 Responses to “Some spiders eat their old webs and spin them in a new spot”

  1. gail Says:

    WoW! Recycling at its finest. ;~}

  2. Jim Says:

    My neighbor has a spider on their front porch and every morning the spider instantly drops down the center of his web all the to the bottom pulling the sides in and shoots right back up consuming the web all in a matter of three or four seconds and the next morning it happens all over again in the same spot.

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