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Alligator lizard photo: Sunbathing on the back patio

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 at 6:28 am in Alligator lizard.

Young alligator lizard sunning on back patio, by Don Couch
all liz, don couch

This little creature was crawling on my backyard patio, so I thought I would send it to you (the picture).
Don Couch

What a beautiful little alligator lizard! Thanks for sharing it with us. /Gary

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2 Responses to “Alligator lizard photo: Sunbathing on the back patio”

  1. Janet Fairchild Says:

    Alligator lizards seem to come in all sorts of different colors — does anybody know if these are different species? Or what else influences their colors?

    Alligator lizards are seldom seen, but are one of our few native lizards that live near people. I assume that this is because they don’t depend on native ants for food. I once heard a fascinating lecture at UC Berkeley by a scientist who said that the reason we don’t have fence lizards or most other natives near our homes is because of irrigation, and its effect on our native ants.

    Only Argentinian ants (our well-known home invaders) live within 200 feet of irregated lawns or 600 feet of golf courses. That’s because they like the water and drive out the natives. So our native lizards retreat with them.

  2. Gary Bogue Says:

    Janet: There’s a lot of individual variation in alligator lizard coloring. That’s probably what you’re seeing.

    Actually, there are a LOT of fence lizards (aka blue-bellies) near our homes, probably more than there are alligator lizards. I have at least 4 fence lizards in my Benicia, CA, backyard. /Gary

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