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Mama wolf spiders carry their babies on their backs

By Gary Bogue
Friday, October 22nd, 2010 at 6:32 am in Spiders, Wolf spider.

Mama wolf spider with babies on her abdomen. Photo by Cynthia Tubbs, Pleasant Hill, CA.
wolf cynthia tubbs phill

My friends and family didn’t believe me when I told them our giant (wolf?) spiders carry their babies on their backs. I first saw this several years ago, when I accidentally killed a large spider inside my home, and all these little spiders scattered off her back. Now this afternoon, I saw it again, and she was good enough to wait as I snapped a few photos! I can count 9 babies. Isn’t she lovely!!
Cynthia Tubbs, Pleasant Hill, CA

Wolf spiders are among my favorite spiders. When I was in high school, I had a wolf spider I named “Harry” that lived under the dresser in my bedroom. About an inch long, these harmless (to people) spiders are handy to have around the house because they eat a lot of bugs they find there. They’re called wolf spiders because they roam around the house and countryside looking for prey to eat.

The female wolf spider spins her egg sac and carries it around with her until the baby spiders hatch from the eggs inside the sac. The babies climb up on mama’s back and ride around with her until they’re ready to take off on their own and tackle the big, wide world around them. Pretty neat. Looks to me like there may be more than 9 baby spiders on mama’s back in your photos. /Gary

Mama wolf spider with babies on her abdomen. Photo by Cynthia Tubbs, Pleasant Hill, CA.
wolf2 cynthia tubbs phill

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