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Cooper’s hawks prey on birds at our backyard feeders

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 6:12 am in Birds, Cooper's hawk.

Cooper’s hawk sits on the fence, checking out sparrows feeding at a nearby bird feeder. Photo by Lloyd Garbutt, Livermore, CA.
coop lloyd garbutt livermore

I have a Cooper Hawk which visits every once in a while in my backyard and I managed to watch him for some time trying to flush out some sparrows from the bushes below my bird feeder. Attached are some photographs which I took.
Lloyd Garbutt, Livermore, CA

Cooper’s hawks, being bird-eaters, always try to take advantage of bird feeders by preying on the little birds that are attracted to the feeders.

Because of this, the sparrows, doves, finches and other birds that use the feeders have to continually be on the alert for these aggressive hawks. Otherwise, it’s bye-bye-baby.

Cooper’s hawk looking for songbirds that are hiding in the bushes. Photo by Lloyd Garbutt, Livermore, CA.
coop2 lloyd garbutt livermore

All it takes is one warning PEEP from one of the birds and they all dive into the nearest bushes until the Cooper’s hawk leaves. The hawk often lands on the ground and walks around, looking in the bushes and trying to find the little birds. Everyone stays VERY quiet until the hawk finally leaves

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. /Gary

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2 Responses to “Cooper’s hawks prey on birds at our backyard feeders”

  1. Robin Says:

    Last Saturday our local coopers hawk saw our local squirrel atop the fence and landed on his back…but the squirrel just wriggled out of his grasp and dove for the bushes. Cooper looked a bit annoyed that he wasn’t able to haul the squirrel away. I guess all the bird seed the squirrel has been eating from our feeder made him too fat for coop.

  2. Jenifer Delson Says:

    I have watched coopers hawks diving through bushes to get at the birds, who then fly away, followed closely by the hawk. What a sight!

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