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Skyler the kitten used one of her 9 lives to get saved from a hawk

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 6:06 am in Cats, Contra Costa Humane Society, Kittens.

Skyler. Photo by Melinda Lassair, Clayton, CA.
skyler melinda lassair clayton

It’s not every day that kittens fall from the sky.  But in mid-September, Anna witnessed just that.  Drawn to her backyard after hearing a ruckus and neighbor dogs barking, Anna found that a hawk had accidentally dropped a baby kitten onto her lawn and was circling above, getting ready to dive down and pick it back up again.

She threw open the door and rushed outside, scooping the severely underweight kitten up and scaring off the hawk.  Once inside, Anna evaluated the tiny Siamese mix and found that amazingly, she was still in one piece.  She obviously had been without food for quite some time, as every tiny bone in her fragile body was evident to the eye.

Skyler. Photo by Melinda Lassair, Clayton, CA.
skyler2 melinda lassair clayton

Anna was referred to Contra Costa Humane Society.  Fortunately, the perfect CCHS foster home had just opened up – a Clayton couple experienced in bottle-feeding motherless kittens.  An exception was made to take the kitten in from the public, and the little kitten, now named Skyler, went into the experienced hands of CCHS’s foster.

Skyler was estimated to be between 3-4 weeks of age, yet barely registered the weight of a two-week old kitten.  The odds were not in her favor, yet her voracious appetite stayed strong, and with some medical attention and round-the-clock foster care, Skyler has now blossomed into a healthy, bouncy, playful little kitten.

Skyler is now available for adoption to a loving home.  Very people oriented, this young kitten loves feather toys, is very affectionate and very used to being coddled!  She gets along well with other cats and would likely do fine in a home with cat-familiar children over the age of 7 years.

If you’re interested in adopting Skyler or reading more about her, please visit Contra Costa Humane Society’s website at
Chrissy Wilberg, Adoption Program Director, Contra Costa Humane Society, 609 Gregory Lane, Suite 140, Pleasant Hill

Wow! What a cutie! /Gary

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