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Mount Diablo: You’ll LOVE these photos!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, November 19th, 2010 at 7:07 am in Brian Murphy, Mount Diablo.

An “island In The Sky” photo from the summit of Mount Diablo.
diablo1 brian murphy wc

My friend Brian Murphy of Walnut Creek, California, who “hates to have the drama of a photo wrecked with photo credit,” took these 3 wonderful photos of Mount Diablo. That’s why I’m placing his photo credits here instead of across the tops of the photos as I usually do. I definitely wouldn’t want to wreck the drama of these wonderful pictures of my favorite mountain.

New Year’s Day on Mount Diablo with snow and the South Bay in the background.
diablo2 brian murphy wc

I just had to include Brian’s comment about how he took these: “All of the photos were taken with a $9.95 Kodak Instamatic 44 in the 70’s. The lesson here — it’s not the photo equipment, it’s the subject matter.” Great subject matter, Brian!!!! /Gary

A nice winter morning on Mount Diablo just below Turtle Rock Ranch.
diablo3 brian murphy wc

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