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Dreams of glory? Housecat watching deer from window.

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 at 6:18 am in Cats, deer.

Photo by Jackie Veats, Pleasant Hill, CA
cat deer jacqueline veats ph

This is my indoor kitty, Kody, wistfully watching a deer outside our bathroom window, perhaps dreaming of taking it down.
Jackie Veats, Pleasant Hill, California

Dreaming is all Kody is going to be able to do. Actually, I suspect Kody is more likely dreaming of playing with that deer. When I used to do wildlife rescue, whenever I’d raise orphan fawns in my backyard, cats from throughout the neighborhood would come over to play. They’d chase the fawns, then the fawns would chase them, they they’d chase the fawns … lots of full all around. Happy Holidays, kiddo! /Gary

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