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Tule elk bull spotted at Sunol Regional Wilderness area

By Gary Bogue
Monday, January 17th, 2011 at 7:55 am in Tule elk.

Tule elk at Sunol by Terri Bostater, Pleasanton, CA
tule elk terri bostater pleasanton

I work part time at Sunol Ohlone Regional Wilderness and my frequent trips to this wonderful place let me see some amazing things, especially animals.  On Monday, this week, on my way home from the park, I noticed two men on Calaveras Road looking up the hill.  One of them had binoculars.  I was hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever they were looking at.  I pulled over and to my delight was this huge bull elk, not 100 yards from the road.  I’ve learned to always have my camera with me and ready to use at all times.  I was so happy to capture an image of him and wanted to share with you.
Terri Bostater, Pleasanton, California

Thanks for sharing that tule elk with us. The Sunol Regional Wilderness is one of the few places in the East Bay Area where you can get lucky enough to see one of those beautiful animals. In fact there’s a whole herd of tule elk there. /Gary

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2 Responses to “Tule elk bull spotted at Sunol Regional Wilderness area”

  1. Joan Olsson Says:

    Wow, Terri! I had no idea there were elk anywhere near the Bay Area. Thanks for sharing. I posted this on my Facebook page – great shot!

  2. Gerald Says:

    It must have been in 89 or 90 on a leisurely Sunday afternoon walk, years before there were more frequent mountain lion sightings, we saw a young, about half-grown fellow of that species dozing off in the sun half way up the hill not too far from the park entrance. Just about 35 yards in front of us, not too worried, finally trotted away. So, does it mean this park has a special appeal to the wild fellows? Maybe because it is not so frequented by humans? GRW
    P.S. The park ranger,at that time, did not really believe us, since there was no sighting like this before he knew about(I am a hunter – saw a few bigger ones before in Northern CA and I know how far a 35 yard target is).

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