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This great egret is looking for fish in a local swimming pool

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 at 6:34 am in Great egret, heron.

Great egret by backyard pool. Photo by Norma Lent, Lafayette, CA.
great egret1 norma lent laf

This beautiful bird was sitting on my patio a few feet from my back door this afternoon. He stayed for several minutes. What is it, and why would he pick a spot so near my house to take a rest?
Norma Lent, Lafayette, California

It’s a great egret … a large white heron. It is actually pretty common to find them resting in backyards that have swimming pools. These birds hunt for fish, amphibians, etc., in our local creeks and ponds. As far as they are concerned a swimming pool is a natural pond, so this one is checking your pool out to see if there’s anything to eat. From the looks of your photos, your pool is located in a pretty wild, natural area. It should eventually realize there’s nothing edible in those greenish depths and fly off to look for other places to hunt. Nice photos. /Gary

Egret flies away. Photo by Norma Lent, Lafayette, CA
great egret2 norma lent laf

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  1. Rasnim Ahsan Says:

    oh!the bird is so pretty. I like white color bird. White color bird is aprotik of peace.

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