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Acorn woodpeckers: keepers of acorns.

By Gary Bogue
Monday, January 24th, 2011 at 9:34 am in Acorn woodpeckers, Acorns.

Acorn woodpecker by Joanne Smith, Union City, CA
acorn2 joanne smith union city

Acorn woodpeckers are interesting birds. They feed on insects, fruit, seeds and sap. They are noted for drilling holes in trees and using the holes to stash acorns.

I got an e-mail a couple of years ago from a man who had a  cabin in the Sierra that he stayed in during summer months. Behind the cabin was a small wooden tool shed. Arriving one summer, he noticed a small hole in the front of the shed. Opening the shed he found it knee-deep in acorns. Acorn woodpeckers had been shoving the acorns into the small hole, much as they would into holes they drilled in tree branches.

Given enough time, I wonder if they would have filled up the shed with acorns? /Gary

Acorn woodpecker by Joanne Smith, Union City, CA
acorn joanne smith union city

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