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Cats & Squirrels: Whose tree is it?

By Gary Bogue
Monday, January 31st, 2011 at 6:58 am in fox squirrel, Squirrels.

Whose tree is it? Photo by B. Keeble, Concord, CA
whos tree b keeble concord


What fun this was to watch! Three of our 4 feral/tame kittens (year and a half old; born under the shed; all neutered) and two of the extended squirrel family we have been feeding (note squirrel feeder box) for years, all “playing” in this picture taken through the bedroom window.

The confrontation happened when squirrel on the right came down the branch, with all  three cats and the other squirrel watching. Buster was closer to the feeding box when the squirrel jumped from the roof to the tree and came down branch for some sunflower seeds. Squirrel stopped about where he is and Buster rushed up to …

The squirrel simply jumped down and found sunflower seeds to eat on the ground. LOL!! All the cats sat where they are wondering what to do next. The squirrel in the background didn’t stop eating until the pic was snapped, then went right back to finish it’s breakfast.
B. Keeble, Concord

Whose tree is it? Seems kind of obvious. /Gary

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