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Raccoons competing with squirrels for peanuts

By Gary Bogue
Monday, February 7th, 2011 at 8:23 am in Raccoons, Squirrels.

Raccoon peeking over fence. Photo by Bill & Ann, Concord, CA.
coon peanuts2 bill ann concord

Spotted this little guy peeking over our back fence.

He/she returned later that night to clean up the peanuts our squirrels left. The second one was taken at night through my kitchen window. That’s why it’s dark and blurry.
Bill & Ann, Concord, California

Bill & Ann:
Raccoons seem to be interested in everything … as long as it’s edible. /Gary

Raccoon eating peanuts. Photo by Bill & Ann, Concord, CA.
coon peanuts bill ann concord

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2 Responses to “Raccoons competing with squirrels for peanuts”

  1. Vicki Quintard Says:

    I live by Bill and Ann. This raccoon lives between my house and Jim Hale’s house and roams the neighborhood. He eats the cat food accross the street, doesn’t seem to care whether it’s day or night, he’s out on Sunday afternoons when we’re all mowing our lawns, quite brazen. We also have a neighborhood lone turkey who wanders around in everyone’s front yard munching and roosts in a redwood tree down the street when the sun goes down. Why are these animals so unafraid of us all? Don’t they know they’re not domesticated?

  2. Ann Fine Says:

    I was browsing and just saw Vicki’s response. I got some really great shots of our turkey on my front porch. Thanks for telling where she roosts. I often wondered.

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