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Burr! When it’s hailing in Benicia, can snow be far behind?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at 6:44 am in Cold weather, Hail.

Photo by Karl Nielsen, Benicia, CA
hail to the hail karl nielsen

Hail to the hail in Benicia, California

When I got home from work on Wednesday afternoon, the sky turned black, the temperature dropped from 46  to 38 degrees F. in about 3 minutes, and it sounded like someone dumped a bucket of gravel on my back deck when it started to hail.

Fortunately, my son Karl, the photographer, was there to record this chilly event.

Know what? Those pea-size bits of ice really sting when they hit you on the face. /Gary

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One Response to “Burr! When it’s hailing in Benicia, can snow be far behind?”

  1. Wendy Scott Says:

    Friday night I got home from work at dusk, it was raining, cold and windy. I bring my bird feeder inside everynight because of rats,I went to get the bird feeder to bring in, to my amazement there were 4 hummingbirds all feeding together on one feeder. Usually they are fighting each other for the 2 feeders, my guess was it was too cold and windy to fight anymore, as I watched the feeder was spinning almost like a merry go round from the wind. I know if I had gone in to get the camera they wouldn’t have been there when I came back, so I just enjoyed the moment of peace among the hummers. Wendy from Oakland

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