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Wild turkeys stopping traffic in downtown Concord!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 6:36 am in wild turkeys.

Wild turkeys in downtown Concord. Photo by Laura Olson, Concord, CA
wild turkeys laura olson concord

I work with a bunch of turkeys in downtown Concord!  I took the above photo Tuesday (Feb. 15) morning from my 5th floor office across the street from the Concord BART station.  These guys stopped traffic on busy Clayton Road.  Quite a sight!
Laura Olson, Concord, California

It’s getting to the point where you can’t go anywhere without running into a little (or a big!) flock of wild turkeys. I’m not sure what the answer is. The only thing I DO know is that sooner or later we humans are going to have to deal with them.

Just a couple of years ago the only turkey you ever encountered was the one who sat next to you in the office. As Bob Dylan once said, “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” /Gary

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6 Responses to “Wild turkeys stopping traffic in downtown Concord!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    “The only thing I DO know is that sooner or later we humans are going to have to deal with them.”

    Note to Contra Costa County: Sooner, please.
    It’s adorable when, for the first time ever, we see a hen with six poults. It’s interesting the next year when there are two hens with seventeen poults. It’s downright freaky the following year when there are four hens and over thirty babies. The average male to female ratio in my area this year is 14:21. How many poults should I expect in the backyard this Spring; how many pounds of birds upon my roof; and how often should I expect to clean the patio, and repair bird damages?

    To summarize: It ain’t cute forever. Let’s talk.

  2. guest Says:

    Amazing! Let’s all hope these great animals get left alone.

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  4. Barbara Says:

    Wellll … the minor problem with these “great animals,” Guest, is that they are becoming a public nuisance.

    Aside from the above-mentioned issues, i.e., homeowners having to deal with excessive fecal matter, destruction to property/landscape, we also have to contend with aggression in the male member of the bird. Things like high-powered hoses work great in discouraging them from the property — if we are home.

    Add to this the fact that wild turkeys encourage the presence of other wild animals: cougars, coyotes, vultures, foxes, etc., looking for remnants dead or alive.

    Add to THAT the fact that off private property they become a safety hazard on the streets. People slam brakes, swerve, or can plow into pedestrians, either to avoid the bird or because they are unfamiliar with the sight of a flock.

    Then, too, there have been past incidents of West Nile virus, transmittable to humans, in domestic turkeys back East. I don’t know about the pathogenicity out here, or, in relation to domestic v. wild turkeys. I hope it is being reviewed by someone in that field.

    So what is our alternative? To contact Dept of Fish and Game? And, what are they going to do if an ordinance doesn’t exist, or if we can’t complain about IMMEDIATE danger?

    Great animals that can potentially affect the health and safety of people, or start creating excessive property damage, have to be controlled when the problem starts accumulating to a significant degree.

    The county needs to review this matter.

    Best regards.

  5. guest Says:

    Barbara, one can argue that humans have put stress on every living animal on the planet. A public nuisance, says you, when man has done more damage to nature, and has killed more animals than man really needs to. I think man is the ultimate nuisance here. Sorry folks, it’s sad but true.

  6. Barbara Says:

    And, naturally, Guest, you recognize who introduced “an aggressive program of introductions” in 1965 involving wild turkeys in California? The Dept of Fish and Game. You know, the ones whom apparently are under no state/county ordinance/code to control the problem.

    Homeowners will have a different interpretation of pretty bird v. public nuisance. People who rent can lay the clean-up responsibility upon the landlord (save for issues like car-scratches, etc.).

    I don’t think a whole lot of people are looking for depredation permits for the opportunity to remove a problem that they didn’t create.

    So presently the plan is kind of backfiring.

    To reiterate, the county needs to review this matter.

    Best regards.

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