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Cat watching the bird & squirrel shows on ‘Cat TV’

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 at 7:24 am in Cats, Squirrels.

Cat watching scrub jay on Cat TV. Photo by Sandy W., Martinez, CA
cat tv1 sandy w in mtz

Here are photos of my cat, Kira, watching “Cat TV” on Monday.
Sandy W., Martinez

Cat watching squirrel on Cat TV. Photo by Sandy W., Martinez, CA
cat tv3 sandy w in mtz

My cats, Newman and Jasmine, also enjoy watching Cat TV. Their favorite show is “Bird Feeder Madness,” starring S. Jay, H. Finch, and the Goldies (finches) But Goodies Dancers. They even enjoy the commercials. Madness. But, hey, they’re cats. What do you expect? /Gary

Cat watching double feature on Cat TV. Photo by Sandy W., Martinez, CA
cat tv2 sandy w in mtz

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5 Responses to “Cat watching the bird & squirrel shows on ‘Cat TV’”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Cool – my cats do this too. I call it the Big Screen TV, and of course it’s always tuned to the Food Channel. In nice weather when the windows are cracked slightly open – they get surround sound.

  2. kris Says:

    Sandy volunteers for ARF and does an amazing job… so it’s fitting her kitties are featured in your blog. I’m thinking “Cat TV” looks a lot better than a lot of the options on “People TV”!! Life would be a lot nicer if we took a hint from the kitties and started our day with a little “Cat TV”. =)

  3. Joann Ludwig Says:

    Hey my cat watches that same show! She loves the blue jay and sqirrel characters.

  4. Betsy Byrne Says:

    So sweet, I love the ‘double feature’!

  5. Golda Lydic Says:

    Thanks for the good article, I was searching for details like this, going to check out the other articles.

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