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She’s back! Mother Goose reality show. Watch her nest on our webcam!

By Gary Bogue
Monday, March 7th, 2011 at 11:38 am in Canada Goose, Mother Goose, Web Cam.

Mother Goose nesting on Contra Costa Times rooftop in 2009. (Times photo)
cct goose

She’s back! A Canada goose we call Mother Goose has been nesting on the rooftop at the Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, CA, for the last six years.

She’s back again this year to raise a new family of goslings. We think she laid her 6-8 eggs around March 3, so, based on the approx. 28 days to takes to incubate those eggs, we’re guessing they should hatch sometime after March 31. April 1 would be great!

You can watch Mother Goose incubate, hatch and raise her babies yourself during daylight hours via our webcam at

Enjoy! /Gary

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One Response to “She’s back! Mother Goose reality show. Watch her nest on our webcam!”

  1. Glenda Leatherman Says:

    Where do the babies learn to swim? I usually see geese around some kind of water and they march the goslings right into the water and practice swimming in formation. Is there some kind of H2O on the roof?

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