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Hummingbirds fill their little nests with fairytale fillings

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 6:27 am in hummingbirds.

Anna’s hummingbird feeding babies. Photo by John Keibel, Concord, CA
2humm john keibel concord

Your readers’ and your writings regarding hummingbirds came into sharp focus yesterday (Saturday, March 5) morning. My mother and I sauntered down the local stretch of the canal trail here in Concord to visit a momma hummingbird I’d spied on her nest a week ago.

Sure enough, there she sat in her incredible nest some 6 feet above us, unfazed by our presence and my camera.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough of a treat, we got to watch her zip out for a stretch (that little nest must feel a bit confining) and for some food, and then return to share her meal with the little ones.

Anna’s hummingbird on nest. Photo by John Keibel, Concord, CA
1humm john keibel concord

As she eased herself back into the nest, I imaged her admonishing her little ones, “Now watch it with those little beaks.”

I thought you’d enjoy this little episode and the attached images.
John Keibel, Concord, CA

It’s a great little episode and your photos are beautiful.

Hummingbirds fill their nests with fairytale fillings, you know. /Gary

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3 Responses to “Hummingbirds fill their little nests with fairytale fillings”

  1. Glenda Leatherman Says:

    Wonderful pics!
    Here’s a great place to watch Phoebe, a hummingbird in Orange County, build her nest, lay eggs, sit on and roll the eggs in her nest. You can watch the eggs hatch and watch her feed the two babies, as they grow, feather out, practice flying while grabbing the side of the nest, and finally fledge. Wonderful, educational site. (It’s a video stream on UStream accompanied by a chat room. Host is in Irvine, CA and he just upgraded his camera system.)

  2. Gene Dougherty Says:

    I once had a hummingbird build her nest just outside my bedroom, next to the sliding glass door leading onto the patio. I video taped the entire process, day after day, as she first built her nest, laid her eggs, sat patiently on the little ‘basket’ while her two babies were hatched and grew. Finally, they were strong enough to leave the nest, first staying within our yard, and finally venturing off into the big wide world. It was an amazing event to witness so up close and personal. The mama was extremely tolerant of us and our camera. And gave us a wonderful video to delight our grandchildren as we taught them about the birds and the bees. Thanks for the photos, John.

  3. Bob Miller Says:

    I Have a question? In you news paper yon you have left out red food dye in food for Hummingbirds any reason why?
    Thanks Bob Miller

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