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White-tailed kites preying on rodents — nesting time is near

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 at 7:06 am in White-tailed kite.

Kite with rodent kill. Photo by Marina Chainey, Richmond, CA
1kite marina chainey richmond

A stunning white-tailed kite has established it’s hunting ground in Wildcat Park and I can’t wait to run out and find him/her at it’s favorite perch every day after I come home from work.  Rodents are plentiful and it repeatedly returns to devour another victim as I watch with delight and awe.  I haven’t seen a mate about yet.  Any ideas when that may occur?
Marina Chainey, Richmond, California

Breeding time for white-tailed kites starts about now and could happen anytime, so keep an eye out. If you’re lucky. they might choose to nest in a nearby tree. What fun it would be to be able to observe the parent kites raising their youngsters. Cross your fingers! /Gary

White-tailed kite landing in tree. Photo by Marina Chainey, Richmond, CA.
2kite marina chainey richmond

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2 Responses to “White-tailed kites preying on rodents — nesting time is near”

  1. Clara Meskauskas Says:

    Hi Marina and Gary,
    I was so surprised to see your posts today. I had been searching on the web to identify a wonderful pair of birds that have just shown up today on our back hill. Turns out they are White Tailed Kites! They were doing courtship flying, playing with each other in mid air. We are in hopes that the pair will nest in a huge pine tree we have on our back slope.
    We’re in Crockett.

  2. Patricia Says:

    For the past several years, a pair of white tailed kites have nested in the redwoods across the street from our Pleasanton home. I once saw them meet in mid-air over the street as one of them returned from a hunt with a snake dangling from it’s claws. They exchanged the snake in mid-air! Last week, I saw the courtship flying above a nearby court and then they roosted at the top of some tall trees down the street. But now I hear them calling from the redwoods again. I’ve never spotted the young ones, but I keep hoping. My only fear is that the house with the redwoods is about to go on the market and I worry the new owners will want to cut the redwoods down.

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