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What’s that thumping on our roof? It’s NOT Santa!

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 5:49 am in wild turkeys.

Wild turkeys on roof. Photo by Richard Asadoorian, Antioch, CA
2turk richard asadoorian antioch

I heard a thumping on the house and thought it was the Comcast guy doing our install, but our dogs continued to go crazy. As I went out front, a contingency of neighbors were clicking cameras at our home and lo and behold you can see what was on our roof top.
Richard Asadoorian, Antioch, California

The wild turkeys like to get up on our rooftops because they can get a better view of the surrounding area. Just checking out the turf … or maybe Comcast hired them to do your install.

I’ve received reports of wild turkeys from just about all over the Bay Area. Yours is the first I’ve heard from Antioch. More to come, I’m sure. If anyone  sees any wild turkeys in your neighborhood, please leave a reply/comment below listing the approx. numbers,  town and nearest cross streets. I’d like to get a rough count of how many turkeys we’ve got out there in never-never land. Thanks. /Gary

Wild turkeys on roof. Photo by Richard Asadoorian, Antioch, CA
1turk richard asadoorian antioch

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8 Responses to “What’s that thumping on our roof? It’s NOT Santa!”

  1. Ann Fine Says:

    Had one turkey visit Mar.27 and 28.We live in north Concord near the airport to the west, hiway 4 to the north and Port Chicago Hiway to the east. About a mile in each direction.

  2. Bob Collins Says:

    Gary, as I have told you before, there are a lot of wild turkeys in my neighborhood. I have seen them attacking cars and nipping at hubcaps (perhaps they think that is a rival). I love watching these wild critters and apparently, so do my neighbors. They will walk right past pedestrians on the sidewalk. Please, don’t hurt these harmless, amusing birds.

  3. Bette Page Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Alameda now has turkeys! How they got onto the island is anyone’s guess. Can they really fly that far?

  4. Judy Roberts Says:

    I saw 13 wild turkeys in Walnut Creek last week. Near the intersection of Santa Rita Drive and San Miguel Dr. (behind Broadway Plaza).

    2 Toms plus a lot of smaller birds.

    I have pix if you want them.

  5. joan quock Says:

    The other night (April Fool’s) I started to hear a flock of turkeys gobbling away for over an hour in the field adjacent to us. We usually don’t hear them at that late hour, about ten p.m. I suspect mating activity was going on. Can anyone verify my hunch?

  6. Tai Says:

    For the past two weeks we have had a flock of eight wild turkeys here on Whittle Avenue, cross of Funston in the Oakmore neighborhood of Oakland. Appears to be three toms and five hens or juveniles. Whittle is a dead-end in a woodsy ravine, so the turkeys have lots of room to roam. We awaken every morning to their gobbles and clucks. It’s wonderful to see them foraging on the hillside and roosting on rooftops.

  7. Gee Says:

    I live just up the hill from Tai, in the Oakmore area of Oakland. We’ve been seeing (and hearing) the flock for about two weeks now, they mosey through our yard picking at the bird feeder droppings. My cats have been having a field day with the turkeys. They KNOW the birds are too big to mess with but they can’t help stalking them.

  8. Mary Says:

    Hi Gary. While staying at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in San Ramon (18090 San Ramon Valley Blvd)during last week of March and first week of April, we heard the wild turkeys early morning and some afternoons. Went out to look, but couldn’t find any. (Did find your book ‘The Raccoon next door’ at one of the local used book stores – enjoying it immensely – thanks!)

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