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Barn owls (not partridges) in a palm (not a pear) tree

By Gary Bogue
Friday, April 1st, 2011 at 5:33 am in Barn Owl, Owls.

Barn owls in palm tree. Photo by Linda Cruz, Clayton, CA
1barn owl linda cruz

I thought you might like this photo for your wildlife shots.  I continue to take photos each day of the owls in our unsightly palm tree.  I love watching the owls take flight just as the sun goes down and the different sounds they make communicating.  It is so awesome.  And I cannot believe how many pellets they drop each day.  It is amazing to see the tiny bones and huge teeth in the pellets.
Linda Cruz, Clayton, California

What beautiful barn owls!
Your “unsightly” palm trees are known by owls and other birds (squirrels and sometimes raccoons) as “Wildlife Condos” because of all the nooks and crannies that make excellent nesting spots. Show me a palm tree and I’ll show you a lot of happy, nesting wild birds!

The “pellets” you’re talking about are the undigested remains of fur and bone that the owls regurgitate after each rodent meal. Owls swallow rats, mice and gophers whole. What they can’t digest (bone, fur) gets coughed up later as a furry pellet that lands on the ground. Scientists often collect and dissect these pellets to expose rodent skeletons so they can study what the owls have been eating. Clever people, these scientists! By the way, the fact that these two owls are coughing up so many pellets every day indicates they may be feeding baby owls up there. /Gary

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