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Bushtit tries to chase away his reflection from a window

By Gary Bogue
Friday, April 15th, 2011 at 6:31 am in Bushtit.

Bushtit pecking on outside of window. Photo by Clinton Collier, Concord, CA
1bird at window clint collier

No robins or jays pecking at our window. Just this little fellow.

Showed up yesterday, spent about 5 minutes going back and forth along the window, pecking away at it.  Went away but returned several times and then was back again this morning … again several times already. May have a nest somewhere as there appear to be two of them and our thistle seed feeder is just out of sight to the upper right.  He’s as cute as they come.  Only about an inch or so high and apparently can’t see us on the other side as we can get right up next to the window and it doesn’t faze him.  He’s very good at holding on to the seal that holds the window pane in as he scoots back and forth across the window.

Wife says he’s trying to point out that I need to wash the window(s)!
Clinton Collier, Concord, Calif.

I’m sure this little bushtit has a nearby nest. Once the eggs hatch, male birds get very territorial and try to drive other males of the same species away from their turf. The outside of that window obviously gets very reflective (like a mirror) at certain times of the day when the sun is positioned just right. This little guy probably spots that “other” male bushtit (his reflection) in the window when he’s visiting your thistle seed feeder and zips over to chase him away. This will pass in a week or so when he gets too busy feeding his ever-hungry chicks in the nest. /Gary

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