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Can anyone babysit these two dogs for two months?

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 at 6:10 am in dogs.

Sunflower by Gary Bogue

Dear Gary:
My son is a Hero who is in need of help. Last February my son jumped through a screen and off a 2nd story apartment balcony to save his dog who was being mauled by a Pit bull Mastiff. The outcome of his dog was 90 staples to reattach his scalp and ear. The dog has made a complete recovery. My son was not quite so lucky. He broke/smashed both his ankles and suffered dog bites. He spent a month at John Muir Hospital, with two operations and facing a third. He has not walked since and is in a wheelchair at a Respite care facility for the homeless. He has chosen to remain homeless because he cannot find a place that will take him and his two dogs who are his family.

The family that took care of his dogs for the last couple months, had to move and leave them. We have checked all available resources. Would any of your readers foster them for about two months until my son recovers? They are well trained, lovable, playful and get along with animals and children. The two dogs are a Queensland/McNabe breed. One is a male of medium size, and the female is medium small. They are brother, sister.

He has a small disability check which can pay for their food and the monthly flea treatments. His dogs are helping him to recover during this painful situation.
Sandi and Bryan Tieslau,, Antioch, CA

Dear readers:
Can anyone out there help? Sandy and Bryan are also on disability, so they can’t take the dogs. If you can help, please contact Sandi & Bryan at Thanks for caring. /Gary

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3 Responses to “Can anyone babysit these two dogs for two months?”

  1. laura Says:

    You may want to check with ARF who has a wonderful foster program

  2. Dog Guardians Says:

    Gary – we will pass on the word to help you search for help! :)

  3. Gary Bogue Says:

    Laura: I already referred these people to ARF. Thanks. /Gary

    Dog Guardian: Thanks a BIG bunch for doing that. /Gary

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