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Bird hits window, leaves a perfect imprint

By Gary Bogue
Monday, May 2nd, 2011 at 7:47 am in Birds, Window.

Bird hits window, makes BIG impression. Photo by Barbara in Blackhawk, CA
1bird smudge barbara in blackhawk

The day before Easter we were away all day.  When we got home we noticed a smudge on the sliding glass door.   It wasn’t until the next day we saw what it was.  A bird wasn’t in the window… it had hit the window and left its imprint!  We looked around for a body but found nothing.  But it must have had some headache!
Barbara in Blackhawk

All birds have a “feather dust” coating their feathers. This coating is created when the feather quills (stems) break down and turn to dust. It helps make the feathers more waterproof … and it also leaves a perfect imprint of the bird if it hits a window. Fortunately, since you didn’t find a body, the bird was probably only stunned and flew away after collecting its wits.

A one-time accident can happen like this on anyone’s window. If it happens again and again on the same window, you may need to modify the reflection by hanging a potted plant in the middle of everything. /Gary

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