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Great horned owl nest in tree, with chick and adult owl

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 6:24 am in great horned owl, nesting, Owls.

Great horned owl nest, chick and adult. Photo by Dave Harper, Oakley, CA.
1ghowlnest dave harper oakley

I get a lot of requests from readers, asking what great horned owl nests look like. These photos by Dave Harper of Oakley, California, are a perfect example. It’s usually a large stick nest, high in a tree. Above you can see an approximately 3-month-old owl chick on the left sitting on the nest, staring at the camera. One of the adult great horned owls is perched on a branch on the right. Below is the same photo showing the owls and nest from a further distance away so you can get a better idea of how high up in the tree it is.

Hope this answers your questions. Thanks for the great photo, Dave! /Gary

Great horned owl nest and owls. Photo by Dave Harper, Oakley, CA
1ghowlnest dave harper oakley

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4 Responses to “Great horned owl nest in tree, with chick and adult owl”

  1. Glenda Leatherman Says:

    Wow! What great photos. I love them!

  2. jeannette Says:

    Hi, Gary
    We have had a dove nesting in our pine tree in the front. Today my husband went out
    and the nest was on the ground with two half grown babies next to it. The nest was
    trashed, just twigs. We took a plastic bowl and put holes in it (mom was watching
    the whole time) and attached it to the branch. Filled the bowl with twigs and the
    babies. Just a while ago mom was in the nest with her babies. Jeannette

  3. Dave Harper Says:

    I love the Great Horn Owls. A question for Gary, it seems to me that I only see Great horns out and about during the day in springtime. Is this true and why?

  4. Colette Says:

    Nice stories. Something got to a sitting dove and sitting robin nest that was on a heavy open branch of a pine tree during different nights. I heard a bird screaming the second night. I didn’t know owls attacked bird and eggs.

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