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Big muddy pawprints appear to be from a big raccoon

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, May 19th, 2011 at 6:20 am in Raccoons.

Raccoon paw print. Photo by Eve Goode, Concord, CA
1coonprint2 eve goode concord

Attached are photos of muddy animal paw prints I found on the cement floor of my open patio. It rained last night. I live in Concord and I am surrounded by single family homes separated by 6 ft. fences. I have no pets. The size alone of this paw is a little intimidating to me. A dollar bill is six inches long. I darkened the contrast of some of these photos. The right paw is clearly visible but the left one is madly smudged. What do you think? What kind of local wildlife would have these large size paws?
Eve Goode, Concord, California

Looks to me to be the back footprint of a large raccoon. These characters that live here with us in suburbia — feeding out of our garbage cans, eating pet food we leave out for our dogs and cats on the patio, fruit and veggies out of our gardens — can get pretty big on that diet, maybe 30-40 pounds. /Gary

Raccoon paw print. Photo by Eve Goode, Concord, CA
1coonprint eve goode concord

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One Response to “Big muddy pawprints appear to be from a big raccoon”

  1. jenna Says:

    if i saw that i would be scared.i have never seen a racoon paw print that big but that is definetialy a racoon paw print so if i were you, you might want to beware of racoons because they are trouble makers especially at that size.

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