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Native bees play important role in pollinating plants

By Gary Bogue
Friday, May 27th, 2011 at 5:54 am in bees.

Bumble bee pollinating flower. Photo by Mike Gordon, Walnut Creek, CA
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I captured this photo of a bumble bee collecting pollen in my Oxalis flowers that are growing wild in my yard in Walnut Creek. I hope this is a good sign that maybe the honey bees will follow.
Mike Gordon, Walnut Creek, California


Native bees play a vital role in pollinating the flowers and vegetables that are so important to us humans. A role that is even MORE critical now that the honey bees are in decline. Here are a couple of websites where you can learn more about native bees and their importance and what you (we) can do to help cultivate these special insects:




Go bees! /Gary

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