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Bird nest found hidden in backyard BBQ

By Gary Bogue
Friday, June 24th, 2011 at 5:54 am in Bird nests, Birds.

Bird nest  in BBQ. Photo by Roger Stone (shared by Judy Wobleski), Walnut Creek
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We’ve been a little late getting started on our summer barbecuing this year, but decided to fire it up last night.  Fortunately, we opened it up to clean it first, and lo and behold – there was a bird’s nest sitting right there to the side of the grill.  We never noticed any activity during the spring, but then we weren’t looking for it by our BBQ.  Even our 3 indoor cats didn’t seem to notice.  Do you have any idea what kind of nest it is? One of your loyal readers,
Judy Wobleski, Walnut Creek, California

Looks like it might be a brown towhee nest, although I could be wrong. Clever to use the BBQ as a nest site, don’t you think? Nice little armor-plated hiding place to keep the cats and jays away … ahem … until it’s time to fire up the old BBQ!

Anyone else out there discover clever, unique or weird bird nest locations? Send them in! /Gary

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