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Iggy (15-lb. iguana) & Taz (16-lb. cat) are best of friends

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 at 5:31 am in Cats, Green Iguana.

Iggy and Taz are best of friends. Photo by Mike Kelley, Pittsburg, CA
1iggy taz mike kelley pittsburg

These two are buddies. Taz (cat) is 16 pounds and 10 years old. Iggy (common iguana) is 15 pounds and 13 years old. Taz likes to take a nap in Iggy’s cage when I leave the door open in the evenings. Iggy has never shown any aggression towards his furry friends and, if I let him, he will eat the cat food along with the cats.

In the photo above, that is Iggy’s favorite sunning spot on the fence in my front yard.
Mike Kelley, Pittsburg, California

I’ll bet THAT causes people to take a second look as they’re driving past your house! Who gets to sit on your lap when you’re watching TV? /Gary

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