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Tiny geckos provide excellent pest control service in Panama

2-inch gecko prowls bedroom walls looking for bugs and spiders. Photo by Bogue
1gecko panama lois

I wrote this for my Thursday, July 14, newspaper column. I’m reprinting it here so I can show you the above photo. (No room for photos in my daily column.):

Night Life in Panama
Nothing is ever quiet in the tropics, even at night. Life is always happening. It’s always around you. Always on the move. You may not always be able to see it, but you can always hear it.

I like lying in bed listening to the tiny geckos chirping across the ceiling above me and down the sides of the walls, looking for bugs and spiders to eat.

No need to contract with a pest control company down here. Those little geckos already have that concession. /Gary

Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2011
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Guess what I did on my Panama vacation?

Gary exploring the Panamanian rain forest. Photo by Lois Bogue
1gary hammock panama lois

Lois and I just got back from our vacation in Panama, visiting son Jeff and his wife, Markelita, and the two darling granddaughters, Chantelle and Monique.

The first thing I was asked when I got back to work was, “So what did you do while you were in Panama?”

I think the above photo pretty much explains it.

Note the Pacific Ocean in the background, and the coconut palm tree loaded with coconuts. Oh, yeah, and the hammock loaded with me. I love that place. /Gary

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2011
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Why is fox squirrel chewing hole in a metal electrical box?

Note tooth marks where a fox squirrel chewed a hole in this metal electrical box. Photo by Phil Grover, Concord, CA
1metalsquirrel phil grover concord

Several times we’ve observed a small fox squirrel chewing on an outdoor metal electrical box.  It has actually made a hole in it.  Is the squirrel bored, short of iron in its diet, misled by its parents as to what it should eat, or suffering from its teeth growing too fast?
Phil Grover, Concord, CA

Squirrels are funny. Their teeth have VERY hard enamel on the front side and are softer on the back. They also grow continually, as do the teeth of most rodents. When they chew on something hard, because of the softer backs, they wear at an angle. This keeps the teeth always sharp. Mother Nature is very clever.

Occasionally for some reason, squirrels will become obsessive with their gnawing, like the animal that’s gnawing on your metal box. Why? Who knows. Maybe it feels good, or the sound of gnawing on metal turns the little character on, or maybe the metal tastes good. Whatever the reason, you can probably put an end to it by spraying the metal box with dog or cat repellent (available at pet and most hardware stores). /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
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