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Mountain lion tracks and coyote spotted on local hikes

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 5:58 am in coyotes, Mountain lion.

Mountain lion paw print next to human hand. Photo by Anne Jarmuz, Pleasanton, CA
1lionprint anne jarmuz pleasanton

On Thursday, June 23, in the morning, I was on a hike with East Bay Casual Hiking Group out of Castle Rock Regional Rec. Area. We hiked to Borges Ranch Interpretive Center. As we were leaving the center, we say a coyote on the hillside. He was being dive-bombed by many birds. He must have been in their nesting area. He wasn’t at all bothered by the birds or us as we walked by.

Then on June 29, after the June 28 rain, I was hiking the north end of the Pleasanton Ridge. … I passed many very clear footprints on the trail. Could they have been a mountain lion? They were quite large, one image compares to my hand, and I have large hands. There were no nails and it looked like they were following deer tracks.
Anne Jarmuz, Pleasanton, California

Coyotes will often sniff their way through fields where birds (usually blackbirds) are nesting in large numbers, trying to locate the nests by smell so they can eat bird eggs and/or babies. The birds know this and will rage and rant and dive and scream at the coyotes. The coyotes, unfortunately for the birds, are well aware that this is all posturing and the birds can’t do anything to hurt them. As you say, they just ignore the birds.

Looks like a mountain lion print to me. Cat tracks leave no claw marks and it is the right size and shape. Mountain lions also pass through the area. You can Google a search for “mountain lion tracks.” If you compare your photo to the ones you find there, you will see that they match. Pretty neat! /Gary

Coyote on hillside looking for bird nests. Photo by Anne Jarmuz, Pleasanton, CA
1coyote anne jarmuz pleasanton

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One Response to “Mountain lion tracks and coyote spotted on local hikes”

  1. John Brown Says:

    The mountain lion represents the epitome of nature and wilderness in the bay area. Its incredible that they have survived in the vast concrete and industrial expansion of silicon valley, while other species such as the gray wolf and black bear have died out. But what we have to ask ourselves is, do we want to preserve this essence of wild america that remains in our bleak superficial region? Do we give more of a sh*t about driving a gas guzzling F-150 or building a new outlet mall, than we do stopping that ex crook/douschebag Schwarzenegger from closing a quarter of the states parks. Because if we do, then we can kiss the mountain lion, the forests and the health of our ecosystems goodbye…Its up to us god dammit, lets fight.

    more posts will follow

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