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ARF’s Emergency Medical Fund needs your support

By Gary Bogue
Friday, August 12th, 2011 at 6:01 am in ARF, Tony La Russa's Animal rescue Foundation.

ARF photo: Cat in distress
valentine arf

Last week, a dog named Rocky was brought  to ARF’s clinic, suffering from extreme abdominal pain. After x-rays, it was determined there was an obstruction in the intestine and surgery was needed to help save Rocky’s life.  ARF’s medical team discovered huge amounts of string, which was most likely broken up particles from a towel, from the poor dog’s intestine and stomach. Nearly two feet of intestines had to be removed since the foreign body was so damaging, however, ARF’s skilled veterinarian was able to perform the life-saving surgery.

Rocky is now at home with his family and is healing well but what about other injured animals who’s owners can’t help with a broken leg, or respiratory illness?   Without the Emergency Medical Fund (EMF) and individual donations, Rocky may not have made it.

The EMF program has saved the lives of thousands of animals in need and is often the last hope for families struggling to get by, who experience an unexpected injury or health crisis in their pet.  It is not only traumatic emotionally, but financially – sometimes their only apparent choice is to euthanize or surrender the animal to an uncertain future.

EMF not only saves lives, but also prevents shelter overcrowding, keeping beloved pets at home with their loving families.  Our funds are dangerously low in this economy, at the time when the most demand is being placed on medical services.  Can your faithful readers help rescue a pet in need of medical attention and avoid their suffering?   No gift is too small to help (love it when the children get involved and host penny drives) and donations can be made at
Elena Bicker, Executive Director, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation,
2890 Mitchell Drive, P.O. Box 30215, Walnut Creek, CA 94598; 925-256-1ARF

ARF photo: Cat inn distress
valentine arf

This is a very special program than helps a LOT of people (and their pets!) in need. Find out more about ARF’s Emergency Medical Fund at

Please help ARF’s Emergency Medical Fund if you can. Thanks for caring. /Gary

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