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Those BIG, fat wild turkeys CAN fly! Here’s proof …

By Gary Bogue
Friday, September 9th, 2011 at 6:31 am in wild turkeys.

Wild turkeys on the roof! Photo by Jojy Smith, Antioch, CA.
1turkeys3 jojy smith antioch

Proof positive for the person who wrote your daily newspaper column wondering if wild turkeys can fly! Also proof that the folks in Livermore, CA, really did see a turkey on the roof! I can personally vouch that they sound like logs hitting your roof when they land! Here they are in my Antioch neighborhood “walking AND roof sitting!” They let me get pretty close to take their photos!
Jojy Smith, Antioch, California

Hard to believe these huge birds can get off the ground, but they sure can! And they’re pretty graceful, too. Flying tanks.  Check out the following e-mail about flying wild turkeys I just received from Pat Trapani at the Rossmoor Retirement Community in Walnut Creek /Gary

Wild turkeys on the prowl. Photo by Jojy Smith, Antioch, CA
1turkeys jojy smith antioch

Regarding your column in Wednesday’s (Sept. 7)  Contra Costa Times — last Spring I took my 7-year-old grandson with me scouting a trail on the east slopes of Mount Diablo for a future hike with our hiking club. We passed the largest flock of turkeys I’ve ever seen. My grandson counted approximately 50. (It’s hard to count that many turkeys!)

When I took the club on the trip a few weeks later, we heard a flock of turkeys above us on the mountain some distance away, calling to a flock of turkeys down below us some distance on leveler ground. They kept calling back and forth. We couldn’t see them, only hear them. Suddenly there was a lot of “whooshes” and then above us very high, we saw the upper flock of 20 or more turkeys in flight with wings extended like raptors, gliding down on the air current – joining the flock below. I have to say, it was a most extraordinary sight.

Wild turkeys on the roof! Photo by Jojy Smith, Antioch, CA.
1turkeys2 jojy smith antioch

There were about 12 of us and none had ever witnessed anything like this. Turkeys fly very well. It is my understanding, when the colonists came to this country, they were quite a challenge to hunt.
Pat Trapani, Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California

To All:
Case closed! Wild turkeys can fly! Next time you go hiking, keep your head down! /Gary

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  1. Janet Fairchild Says:

    Of course they can fly — although not far, I imagine. They roost in trees at night (except, I think, when they’re nesting). They also take to the trees to escape sudden approaches by people or cars.

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