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Bushtits checking out the neighborhood suet feeder

By Gary Bogue
Monday, September 12th, 2011 at 6:42 am in Bushtit.

Bushtits at a suet feeder. Photo by Ann and Bill, Concord, CA
1bushtits ann and bill concord

We hung a new Peanut Delight suet cake about a month ago. After a week, we were surprised to see a flock of 6 or 7 bushtits having a feast. Didn’t know this would be a treat for them. They stop by 3 or 4 times a day.
Ann & Bill, Concord, California

Ann & Bill:
Bushtits are primarily insect eaters, but they also eat seeds and fruits, so I’m not really surprised they’d go for a peanut suet cake. It has a little bit of everything. They also probably spotted a lot of other birds visiting your suet feeder, and that’s ALWAYS an incentive for another bird to check things out. Hey, that must be something good to eat!

A good rule of thumb: Insect eaters also occasionally eat seeds and fruit … and seed and fruit eaters will also eat the occasional insect. /Gary

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  1. Joanne Smith Says:

    Lucky you! I’ve never seen bushtits sit still long enough for a good shot. I hope they find my suet feeder.

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