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Coyotes: Heard or seen any of these song dogs lately?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, September 29th, 2011 at 5:57 am in coyotes, Coyotes howling.

Coyote howling on Mount Diablo (Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA)
coy howl2

I was just about to fall asleep last night at my home in Benicia, Calif., when I suddenly heard a chorus of coyotes going at it on the little hill across the canyon. Seems like there were 4-5 animals, yipping and yapping and howling their little hearts out. What a wonderful sound. A call to the clan to come gather and enjoy the night together. After they stopped howling, I drifted peacefully off to sleep.

Anybody else hearing coyotes near their homes these days? Please list the information below under “leave a comment.” Include your name, nearest cross streets to your house (where you heard the coyotes yapping) and city where you live. Please include any comments about what you were hearing and anything else you’d care to say. If you’ve seen any coyotes, list that information, approx. date, and nearest cross streets to the sighting (and city). I thought I’d gather all this information together from this impromptu little survey and try and get a feel for the coyote population around the San Francisco Bay Area (or wherever you are!). Let’s hear it! Thanks! /Gary

Coyote howling on Mount Diablo (Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA)
1coyote brian murphy wc

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16 Responses to “Coyotes: Heard or seen any of these song dogs lately?”

  1. Chris Philpot Says:

    I live in Pleasant Hill. Close to Pleasant Hill Road. Nearest cross street is Wildflower.

    Over the summer I heard coyote’s singing almost everynight. It would be at different times of the evening, usually at dusk but sometimes it would be as late as 1 a.m. As we’re moving into fall I hear them but not as often. I’ve also seen a total of 3 coyotes around the house. The first time was on July 4th and the other two a different times after that. One was on the hill across the street from my house…it was very close. I love hearing them and really miss them the nights they take off.

  2. Diane Lanum Says:

    We live in the Hayward Hills on Madeiros Avenue off D Street. Closest cross street is Centennial. We hear coyotes at night all the time, especially if there are sirens. We think they are probably the couple of cute little guys who live very close by at Sulphur Creek Nature Center. I know – doesn’t count,ha-ha. But sometimes it sure sounds like a lot more than the two that live there. We love it! Along with our deer, turkeys, owls, skunks – all manner of great critters up here in the hills.

  3. Jack Fuller Says:

    S. Lucille Lane; Lafayette. Much howling on the slopes to the north. Even in daylight.

  4. Charlene Locke Says:


    I feed feral cats up at Cal State East Bay and have
    heard and seen them around and about the soccer

  5. Karen Says:

    Hummingbirds in Alaska

  6. Dave Harper Says:

    Hearing the Coyote calls stirs the soul if you ask me. Like hearing Canadian Geese in the night flying above the fog. Tears to eyes-hate to admit. That is an outstanding photo of a truely free beast. Thanks, Dave

  7. Arlis Mcmahon Says:

    Creekside lane, Nicholasville KY. We hear these(coyotes) guys sometimes two three times a week along the creek to the south of us.Sounds like a pack of at least three or four. They upset the horses in the barn. Had to install special barn gates to keep them out. I question if they hunt at night and how safe humans are in the dark night when a pack is around?

  8. Karla Teller Says:

    Small pack of coyotes live behind me in an Open Space Walking Park. Hear and see them nightly right out side my home. Most beautiful music to my ears these last few years. Truely blessed. Colorado Springs, Colorado

  9. Cathy Says:

    Pleasant Hill, at Paso Nogal & Primrose. We hear the coyotes almost every night, any time between 8pm – 3am. It’s a wonderful sound & the kids are enthralled. :) We’ve had a coyote in our yard 3 different times this summer, usually right before dusk. (We don’t have a fence.)

  10. kaaren Smith Says:

    I see coyotes while riding my horse or walking on foot with my horse in Arastradero Park in Los altos, Portola Valley area, in the fields and land near the parking lot for the park. They often run in or mill around Portola Pastures boarding facility and all over on nearby areas. They do not bother me or my horse, but it is wise to watch your dogs in the park or little children if running ahead of parents. Of course they are searching for food, but are fun to see and watch. A young one was right in front of my horse on the trail and it took some shooing and coaxing for it to move. It was not aggressive and actually seemed to want to socialize although I wouldn’t try it. My horse did not react in any way and continued to mosey along. We hear them mostly in the evening in the distance but I do not live near, so I am sure it goes on more often. Love them, but I am cautious. Don’t know what a pack would be like to encounter.

  11. Vicki Lauretta Says:

    We live on Bethel Island, one of the few houses left that are actually on top of the levee. My backyard is Dutch Slough. Across the Slough is Jersey Island and somewhere over there is a band of coyotes. I hear them during the summer and early fall almost every night. Such a wonderful sound they make. I am a city girl born and raised in San Francisco, but have adapted to the peaceful silence of the delta. My nights are now filled with what I call natures symphony, instead of squealing cars, loud Muni busses and sirens. And I must say I never get tired of the view of Mt. Diablo :)

  12. Diane S Says:

    Gary –

    Wildcat Canyon park by the Bonita Road entrance and the water tower. I have had one walk right in front of me and my pooches. When I whistled for the dogs, the coyote turned around as if I were calling for him/her. There are several living there.

  13. Laura Says:

    I live in Dixon, Dixon Ave West at Midway and we have Coyotes walking along the tree lines (almonds and walnuts) in the evenings. Haven’t heard them singing yet but I only moved her a month ago.

  14. Sara Says:

    San Anselmo/ San Rafael~Heard one yipping 6am, Nov. 7. Sounded fairly close. This morning at 11am it came right through the front yard and into the neighbors. Full grown and healthy looking, it wasn’t in a hurry. Strange it is so close to Miracle Mile (Terrace Ave. & Greenfield.)

  15. lori sobrano-morgan Says:

    last night very loud howling sounds were coming from somewhere close by in san anselmo @san anselmo ave and center blvd—it was about 1a.m. and yipping and singing could be distinctly heard

  16. Kathy Paulson Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I live in Brentwood, off Valley Green near Central, and I had the pleasure of listening to the beautiful singing and barking of some local coyotes just last night. I also work next to a field that borders the Hwy 4 bypass just South of where it intersects with Balfour Road here in Brentwood. We frequently see 1 or 2 coyotes there hunting for rabbits and other small animals (the rabbits seem to out-run them). One of them looks like an adult, the other is about 1/2 the size. They are a treat to watch so close (and a nice break from working), but I worry about their proximity to the road.

    Are these the American coyote or some other type? And is it normal for them to be out so often during the day?

    I read your column daily and love it… The LWM and hospital were very helpful to me when I spotted a coyote in the field with a bad limp. Going to visit them this weekend!


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