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Dogs: Why do we call them ‘family pets?’ That’s why!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, October 7th, 2011 at 6:09 am in dogs.

Erin napping on Delilah. Photo by Jason Simons (her dad), Antioch, CA
1erin w delilah jason simons antioch

This is my granddaughter, Erin, sleeping on the family pet, Delilah. Her dad, Jason, took the picture.
Mike Simons, Antioch, California

What can I say? Greater love hath no dog. Adorable! Occasionally, someone will send me a note asking, “Why do we call them family pets?”

This is why! /Gary

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5 Responses to “Dogs: Why do we call them ‘family pets?’ That’s why!”

  1. Rattakin Says:

    I don’t know why we call them family pets. Kids are great!


  2. Barbara Says:

    Note to Jason and Mike Simons: Sweet photo of little Erin and Delilah!

  3. Karen Says:

    When I was a toddler, my parents took me from the Bay Area to visit an uncle in Wisconsin. Uncle had a VERY old dog, who was nearly blind and moved stiffly with arthritis…but the dog took to me at once and gracefully endured me climbing all over him. What a sweetie! (Not a personal memory, but a family story.)

    I am now officially a Cat Person (that means I’ve taken the allergy shots that let me live with cats but not dogs, and indeed our household is controlled by two lovable felines) but I still have a soft spot in my heart for dogs.

  4. Karen Says:

    But I have to admit, with regard to my cats, that I point out to them regularly that there’s only one letter difference between “pet” and “pest”. They ignore me as only cats can.

  5. kaaren Smith Says:

    Too precious for words! Sooooo wonderful. Reminds me of my babies who crawled all over our white German Shepherd, Tara so many years ago. She guarded them like she was their mother. These are the moments to remember!

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