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Spiders: This spider spins those BIG round webs in your yard.

By Gary Bogue
Monday, October 10th, 2011 at 6:19 am in Spider web, Spiders.

Black and yellow argiope spider spins big round beautiful webs in your yard. Photo by Sally Caron, Lafayette, CA
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Any idea what kind of spider this is?  Discovered him while doing yard work today.
Sally Caron, Lafayette, California

It’s called a “Black and Yellow Argiope. This is one of the spiders we call “Garden Spiders,” that spin those big round webs in our backyards. Beautiful! I don’t use pesticides in my backyard garden, and I have about 10 of these wonderful spiders spinning their huge webs between my wire tomato baskets. they catch a lot of the insects that some people try to kill by spraying pesticides. Much better to have the spiders do it for you. Lots safer than spraying poisons around the vegetables you’re planning to eat. They also light up my garden like decorations on a Christmas tree. /Gary

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  1. kaaren Smith Says:

    Finally I’ve found out what kind of spider this is . We have them in our yard in Redwood City up in the hilly part and my daughter has them in San Carlos. We love them and never try to mess with their webs. My daughter has instructed her gardner never to disturb them. We feel very lucky to have them around. They are around for quite a long time. This is a beautiful picture. Thanks for providing it.

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