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Skunks: Somebody’s been eating my porridge!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, October 14th, 2011 at 6:00 am in Cats, Skunks.

Guess who’s been eating the cat food when you leave it out on the patio at night?
1cat skunk karen turnbull's sister

My sis sent this from her home in So. Calif. What advice should I give her?
Karen Turnbull, Hayward, California

If your sis hasn’t already figured it out, I suggest that she NOT leave food out to feed the cat on the patio in the evening and at night. This just attracts the skunks … and one day your sis will pay the price when a VERY BAD smell wafts through her house. It’s OK to feed the cat outside during the day when skunks are fast asleep. /Gary

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  1. Another Karen Says:

    OTOH, when I stopped feeding the cats (and the skunks) on my back porch, the cats (they’re all neighbor cats — mine are indoor only) went into a 6-month snit. The skunks just turned to decimating my tomato harvest.

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