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Wild turkeys are taking over the world!

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 at 7:33 am in wild turkeys.

Wild turkeys feeding on backyard grape vines. Photo by Tish Frame, Pittsburg, CA
1turkeys tish frame pittsburg

I have lived here in the hills of Pittsburg since 1985. This has never happened before.

Just a short while ago, I heard some loud banging, like someone slamming my wooden gate. Over and over. I went outside. Some of the neighbors were there pointing at the rooftops. THERE WERE TURKEYS flying from one roof to another. I spotted two on my neighbor’s roof and two on mine. I grabbed a camera, went out back, and discovered that a HUGE FLOCK of turkeys (I counted 17, but there may have been more off on other roofs or in other yards) was flying into my backyard. They were all going for the grape vines (the grapes are now shriveled raisins, whatever is left of them). What an amazing sight!

Wild turkeys on roof. Photo by Tish Frame, Pittsburg, CA
1turkey2 tish frame pittsburg

I have often seen the turkeys around the reservoir in Lafayette, and over near a friend’s house in the rural area of Walnut Creek. But never here. NEVER. Quite an awesome sight. And noisy. Global warming having a definite effect on nature around here!
Tish Frame, Pittsburg, California

I don’t think global warming has anything to do with it. I think it has to do more with us humans moving into wild turkey habitat and building our houses … which allowed the turkeys to discover that there are LOTS of tasty things to eat in our backyards. That started to happen about 8-10 years ago and now the wild turkeys are spreading around the whole San Francisco Bay Area in leaps, and bounds and gobbling flocks.

I’m not sure where this is all going. It will be interesting (and a little bit crazy) to see. At the rate they’re going, the wild turkeys may be having US  HUMANS for Thanksgiving dinner. /Gary

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2 Responses to “Wild turkeys are taking over the world!”

  1. kaaren Smith Says:

    Love the turkeys. See them when I ride my horse in Arastradero Park, Palo Alto/Los Altos area.
    Speaking of another kind of “turkey”. What’s the deal with the San Mateo County Times only offering your column twice a week? Disaster! I look forward to it everyday! I called and got a lame excuse. You are one of the reasons i stick with the paper. Shame on them. What can we do? The paper is thin enough to certainly keep your column same as before.

  2. Kristen Says:

    What’s up with all the turkey chatter? We live next to an open space and have been observing wild turkeys for several years now. Sometimes all the males will sit together and other times all females under the pepper tree next to our house. These turkeys make more sounds than just a gobble. There are many different vocals coming from them. One day the females were making a chirping noise. We looked out to see them playing a game of chase with each other. Another time, the males were making all kinds of sounds as they sat under the tree. What do you suppose they are chatting about?

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