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Kingsnakes are nice to have around your yard.

By Gary Bogue
Friday, November 4th, 2011 at 6:54 am in King snake.

California kingsnake. Photo by Renato, Walnut Creek, CA
1kingsnake renato wc

I saw this snake at the top of my driveway. I live at the end of a street and was a little concerned since I know nothing of snakes. Should I be worried as I have outside pets? By the way, I just took pictures and didn’t bother the snake.
Renato, Walnut Creek, California

This is a BEAUTIFUL California kingsnake. Harmless to us humans and it won’t be bothering your outside pets. It’s good to have nonpoisonous snakes like this in your yard. Kingsnakes eat small rodents and are cannibalistic on other reptiles, eating lizards and other snakes … including rattlesnakes. (They are immune to rattlesnake poison.) You’re luck to have this nice snake around. /Gary

California kingsnake. Photo by Renato, Walnut Creek, CA
1kingsnake2 renato wc

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