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Red-tailed hawk harassing golden eagle

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 7:09 am in Golden eagles, Raptors, Red-tailed hawk.

Red-tailed hawk dive-bombing golden eagle sitting on fence post. Photo by Dave Harper, Oakley, CA
1golden redtail2 dave harper oakley

Here’s a scene (two pictures) of an encounter between a golden eagle and a red-tailed hawk who happened upon the eagle. The golden is perched on a 6 or 8 inch post, interesting to see the talon size. Much like the smaller birds harassing hawks, the red-tail can bother the eagle as long as it remains careful to not get too close.
Dave Harper, Oakley, California

The eagle is probably perched in the red-tail’s territory and the smaller hawk is just letting the golden know who’s “boss” around there. These little turf wars go on all the time between large raptors and small raptors. With the birds of prey, it’s usually over territory.

But when small songbirds, crows and jays start dive-bombing and screaming at much larger raptors, it usually has to do with survival.The small prey species band together to harass and try to chase the larger predators away so the predator won’t sneak up and kill one of them when they’re not looking. /Gary

Red-tailed hawk dive-bombing golden eagle sitting on fence post. Photo by Dave Harper, Oakley, CA
1golden redtail dave harper oakley

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4 Responses to “Red-tailed hawk harassing golden eagle”

  1. Rattakin Says:

    We can always tell when a Golden is circling over our house because it’s the only bird that scares the squirrels into hiding and makes the crows go crazy.

    Beautiful birds!

  2. Dave Harper Says:

    I agree,
    I believe the golden is truely something special. Even more so than the bald eagle. “The Power dives” The Emperor of the bad lands, the relationship with the native american culture. I will turn my head every time they pass.

  3. Gary Bogue Says:

    Yep. I couldn’t agree more with you both. Goldens are amazing, strong, beautiful birds. The essence of grace and power. /Gary

  4. Rattakin Says:

    If you can ever get to Camp Parks in Dublin, CA, there’s a pair of Golden Eagles there. You can usually spot them somewhere between the enlisted housing and the rec center. There are also a lot of burrowing owls, jack rabbits, ground squirrels, belted kingfishers, mallards, herons, pheasant…

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