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Fox squirrel freeloading on a Martinez bird feeder

By Gary Bogue
Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 6:04 am in Bird Feeders, fox squirrel.

Fox squirrel freeloading on a backyard feeder. Photo by Linda Lansberry, Martinez, CA
1squirrel linda lansberry mtz

It has been some time since we sent you a new picture of our backyard moments! These two pictures are from Friday, Dec. 2.

This squirrel delighted all of us with his silly antics and feeding challenges! The feeders were all filled on Thursday and this one was truly empty by the end of Friday! This squirrel really kept his tail on!

Happy Holidays from Martinez!
The Lansberry’s, Martinez, California

Dear Lansberry family:
That’s definitely a “backyard moment.” Nothing can inhale the contents of a bird feeder like a hungry fox squirrel. Reminds me of the time a squirrel dropped in on one of my feeders. Our yard’s resident scrub jay immediately zoomed down and started pecking the squirrel on the head.  Merry Christmas, squirrel! /Gary

Fox squirrel freeloading on a backyard feeder. Photo by Linda Lansberry, Martinez, CA
1squirrel2 linda lansberry mtz

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2 Responses to “Fox squirrel freeloading on a Martinez bird feeder”

  1. Karen Says:

    Maybe I need to add more feeders in my backyard (referring to the Lansberry of Martinez photos). They have a wood feeder attached near the top of their fence. I have 2 identical to that one, but the sides and plastic front on mine have both been chewed up (trying to get to the nuts and sunflower seeds inside my squirrels chewed away at the wood on the front and even the plastic. Some of the older/”smarter” squirrels use their heads to flip the top up to get to the food, but most don’t know how!).

  2. Karen Hedrick Says:

    I just saw the most unusual thing happen in my back yard.
    My dog was sitting at the back door looking out when I noticed a fox squirrel pick up a nylabone on the lawn and proceed to get on the fence and take it back to his home. I hope he won’t be disappointed when he finds out it’s not a very, Karen

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