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Wild turkeys in Berkeley? (Farms in Berkeley?)

By Gary Bogue
Friday, December 30th, 2011 at 7:18 am in wild turkeys.

Wild turkeys on Berkeley rooftop. Photo by Mike Steinberg, Berkeley, CA
1turkey2 mike steinberg berkeley

I’m Mike Steinberg, a long time resident of Berkeley. I’ve appreciated your column for years. Occasionally I cut one out to share with friends.

I thought these pictures I took today might interest you. Across the street from my house on Cornell Ave. in Berkeley, a flock of perhaps 15-20 wild turkeys appeared out of nowhere and settled for a few  minutes on several of my neighbor’s roofs today, Dec 27. Attached are some of the  pictures I took of them.

One of my neighbors keeps chickens in her backyard and she said those chickens were very upset by the sight of these turkeys.
Mike Steinberg, Berkeley, California

Wild turkeys on Berkeley rooftop. Photo by Mike Steinberg, Berkeley, CA
1turkey mike steinberg berkeley

Great shots! Seems like there are wild turkeys popping up all over the San Francisco Bay Area these days. At the rate the wild turkey population is growing around here, in a couple more years, THEY will be having US for Thanksgiving Dinner!

I heard a loud THUMP on the roof of my own house in Benicia and went out on the deck and looked up into the eyes of a huge tom turkey peering down at me over the edge of the roof.

I’m not surprised your neighbor’s chickens got upset with the turkeys. I suspect it was not so much that there were BIG turkeys in your yard, as it was that there were BIG turkeys up on your rooftop looking down on them. That’s kind of threatening. Thanks for sharing the photos. /Gary

Wild turkey on Berkeley rooftop. Photo by Mike Steinberg, Berkeley, CA
1turkey3 mike steinberg berkeley

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2 Responses to “Wild turkeys in Berkeley? (Farms in Berkeley?)”

  1. Wake up Chris Says:

    I wonder if any thinning of the herd will be allowed or recommended by the California Dept. of Fish & Game?

    The population of wild turkeys throughout the Bay Area is exploding, overpopulation lends to disease & poor health.

    The DFG allowed for a ‘Depredation’ take of turkeys at a country club in San Ramon recently. I feel the birds should be re-located into public accesible hunting / wildlife areas perhaps. Removing some of these birds would ultimately provide a stronger flock.

  2. liz folsom Says:

    I took some shots of a group of 26 turkey here in Livermore. On the corner of North Front and Laughlin Rd. Turkeys were pretty plentiful here a few years ago until they cut out most of the eucalyptus. There were at least 26, a few flew off as I drove by.

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