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Bailey the Chihuahua, herding wild turkeys

Baily the Chihuahua, herding wild turkeys. Photo by Joan Morris, Walnut Creek, CA
1turkey herding bailey joan morris wc

Here’s a picture of my dog, Baily, herding wild turkeys.
Joan Morris, Walnut Creek, California

A Chihuahua herding turkeys. Wow! What a tough little dude!

Looks like he’s ready to gobble them up. /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
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Rose-colored praying mantis, sitting on a rose, waiting

Praying mantis sitting on a rose, waiting for dinner. Photo by Jo Ann Sendldorfer, Fremont, CA
1mantis rose Jo Ann Sendldorfer fremont

You want camouflage? Check out this praying mantis sitting on a rose … just waiting for a bee or some other insect to stop by for lunch. HIS lunch.

If these guys were a foot long or bigger, we humans wouldn’t be able to leave our houses safely unless we were wearing suits of armor. Fearsome! /Gary

Posted on Friday, December 2nd, 2011
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Bobcat stares down photographer on Mount Diablo

Bobcat keeps a close eye on the photographer. Photo by Allen Bengtson, Concord, CA
1bobcat allen bengtson concord

Here’s a photo of a bobcat I took on Stage Road in the Mount Diablo foothills. It is rare to get one of these cats to sit still. I was about 60 feet away and it sat in that pose for a good 20 minutes. It was about 9:30 a.m. Maybe it was resting after a busy night but it showed no fear and was in no hurry to leave.

I live in Concord and spend 6 out of 7 mornings up on Mount Diablo or the foothills. What a treasure right here in our backyard.
Al Bengtson, Concord, California

I’m surprised it sat still for you that long. Usually you don’t even see a bobcat when it’s in the area. I call them “ghost” cats. They’re very shy. Lots of them around. Most people don’t even realize we have them in the area. The feral house cats do, though. Bobcats prey on them.

Mount Diablo is indeed a treasure. A beautiful natural island right in our backyards. Need to escape from life for a while? It’s right up there … beckoning. Time to go take a walk. /Gary

Posted on Thursday, December 1st, 2011
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