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Wild turkeys visit a local backyard (and roof). Great photos!

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 7:05 am in wild turkeys.

Wild turkeys on neighbor’s roof. Photo by Lynda Nunn, Walnut Creek, CA
1turkey lynda nunn wc

It’s not too often you can look outside and see this. These wild turkeys took up a warm spot on our neighbor’s rooftop . Such magnificent  creatures.  They would take turns resting and acting as watchful eyes. My camera clicking would alarm them some. We got to enjoy them for a good hour.

It was amazing to watch them so close up. Our daughters and Ruby (our Lab) were fascinated. You can imagine with that many in a group. The sounds were melodic.  I never knew they had those colorful feathers and how when resting, one was on lookout.

Wild turkeys head down the block looking for things to eat. Photo by Lynda Nunn, Walnut Creek, CA
1turkey4 lynda nunn wc

They made their way from rooftop to ground across the street and down our block. Clearly much more domesticated than I expected. We live alongside a creek (behind our home) a  block from Northgate High School. After they left. A northern flicker decided to show up too. I could not get a clear picture due to rain.  We have only been here a year and have only seen  one or two wild turkeys  from a distance along the horse trail at the end of our block.   Since moving here we got a bird chart to identify what may come. Mother Nature’s creatures are present. I just took a picture last week of two hawks in our tree. Maybe they all feel comfortable showing up.

Wild turkeys watch photographer from neighbor’s roof. Photo by Lynda Nunn, Walnut Creek, CA
1turkey2 lynda nunn wc

Last year we had a number of ducks. Two of them who were here daily we named Tinker Bell and Puddles.  We hope for their return this year. I feel lucky we get to witness these things up close and personal.
Lynda Nunn, Walnut Creek, California

Wild turkeys feeding in the yard. Photo by Lynda Nunn, Walnut Creek, CA
1turks lynda nunn wc

Now you understand why I call our backyards, the “Urban Wilderness.” If you take the time to watch, and be patient, sooner or later you will see just about every wild creature you can imagine wandering through your yard. Especially at night. Keep your camera ready! /Gary

Wild turkeys on neighbor’s roof. Photo by Lynda Nunn, Walnut Creek, CA
1turkey5 lynda nunn wc

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2 Responses to “Wild turkeys visit a local backyard (and roof). Great photos!”

  1. jim Says:

    After living in the East Bay for over 20 years i moved back to my hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. I have a gang of wild turkeys in my neighborhood that wander thru my yard and across the street to rest and eat. They come up from Big Goose creek along with mule and white tail deer and head to the local cemetery, and on to the Big Horn Mountains. Rather than seeing “rubber neckers” on the freeways in the bay, cars slow down or stop to let the wildlife cross the busy South Thurmond street on which i live; these “rubber neckers” are welcome. Nice to see you get to enjoy these wonderful critters in WC

  2. Richard Starrett Says:

    We live in the Los Gatos hills and enjoy the company of a flock of about 25 wild turkeys. They come to the house daily and, especially at this time of year, are fascinating to watch. I took some photos recently of three toms scaring away a young buck down in the meadow. Almost all of the turkey shots on my web site were taken from within my house shooting out the windows.!i=1193164177&k=8UyLL

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